Air filter

Here is how to open the DS air filter for easy cleaning.

Fig. 1 : The air filter as it comes out of the car. Fig. 2 : First remove the rubber ring.
Fig. 3 : These welding points prefent us from opening the filter. Fig. 4 : But with a grinder, removing the welds is no problem
Fig. 5 : When all the welds are removed with the grinder, one can open the filter
.Fig. 6 : The inside of the filter unit consists of a pile of meshed wire discs.
Fig. 7 : After cleaning everything, first all the wire discs are put back in the lower lid of the filter unit. When doing this please note that there are flat discs and corrugated discs, and they alternate so they don't nest. Now the upper lid is put on top and then the rubber ring is mounted on the rim of the filter-unit. The filter assembly is now hold together by the rubber ring, this is good enough !After putting the filter back into the filter housing it will be pressed together by the three srpring loaded clamps on the outside of the filter housing.

Before putting the filter back in the filter housing it should be soaked in engine oil and given some time to let the oil drip off.

All pictures by Carter Willey