DS/ID colours 1968

Below you see a photo of an original Citroën dealer set of paint chips for the 1968 model year. Unfortunately the colours look slightly different in real life.

The upper half circle are the body (caisses) colours, the lower half circle the roof (pavillons) colours.


I bought the above set of paint chips on ebay (with the help of a friend). Someone who also bid on this item contacted me after the end of the auction and told me that he was supposed to have win this auction for a friend who is restoring a 1968 DS21, he asked me if this friend could contact me. A few days later Mr. Torsten Ahrens from Bremen called me and asked me if I would lend him this colour thing, so that he could have the individual colours scanned and colour mixing recipes made. He offered me that he would send me the recipes and also the real colours according to those recipes sprayed on pieces of sheet metal.

The results of the scanning with a professional modern colour scanner are listed below :

Color code Colour name Modern Sikkens (Akzo Nobel) colour number  
AC  99 Gris Nocturne CM 473 F2  
AC 100 Gris Argent CM 354 D2 (Rezeptur Stuttgart)  
AC 108b Gris Palladium CM 353 E1 (Rezeptur Stuttgart)  
AC 133 Gris Kandahar CM 439 G1  
AC 136 Gris Rosé CM 494 E6  
AC 144 Blanc Carrare CM 444 A4  
AC 145 Gris Palombe CM 495 H1  
AC 403 Rouge Corsaire CM 501 E5  
AC 421 Bodeaux CM 403 G5  
AC 521 Vert Illicinée CM 458 H5  
AC 623 Bleu Andalou CM 475 G5  
AC 624 Bleu Angora CM 462 F6