D-Jetronic fuel injection

Starting from october 1969 the DS21 could be ordered as the DS21 i.e. (i.e. = injection electronique). The DX2 engine used in the DS21 i.e. was the same as the original 2175 cc DX engine but equipped with the D-Jetronic electronic ignition system from Bosch which was also used in other cars.

  • VW used the D-Jetronic first in the VW 1600 (Typ 3) and later in the VW 411 (Typ 4) and in the VW Porsche 914.
  • Mercedes-Benz used it in the 250 CE (in 1969) and the 280SE 3,5 / 300SEL 3,5 / 280SE 4,5 USA / 300 SEL 4,5 USA. Starting from 1972 all Mercedes'es with a fuel injection engine used the D-Jetronic.
  • Volvo used it in P 1800 E/ES, the 144 GL and the 164 E.
  • Renault used it in the R17 TS.
  • Saab used it in the 99E.
  • BMW used it in 3.0 CSi starting from the autumn of 1971 and one year later in the 3.0 CSL.
  • Citroën of course used the D-Jetronic in the DS21 i.e. and later also in the DS23 i.e. and in the SM i.e.
Citroen published a training and technical manual for dealers about the D-Jetronic as used in the DS21 i.e.


In 1967 and 1969 a few technical papers on the D-Jetronic were published in the Bosch Technical Journal. These articles give an overview of the D-Jetronic system, components, and operation.  Both articles are in German, but someone did a translation of the 2nd paper.
The following web-sites have a lot of technical information on the D-Jetronic: