Fuel tank filter

Below are some photos of the fuel filter which is inside the fuel tank.

DS_Fuel_Tank_Filter1.JPG (32310 bytes)
Fig. 1 : The washers + the nylon frame
DS_Fuel_Tank_Filter3.jpg (16259 bytes)
Fig. 3 : The 3 other parts (bottom plate + 2 rings) and the washers mounted on the frame
DS_Fuel_Tank_Filter2.jpg (5323 bytes)
Fig. 2 : A washer
DS_Fuel_Tank_Filter4.jpg (13860 bytes)
Fig. 4 : The complete filter
There are 61 bronze washers .50mm thick. Each washer has on one side a number of raised segments .02mm high. The washers are stacked on a nylon frame which is pierced by the nylon fuel pipe which runs up the right frame member to the fuel pump. Fuel in the tank must pass through the spaces created by the raised segments on the bronze washers to reach the fuel pipe.

Pictures and text by Carter Willey

Last updated on : 06.04.2000, by Jint Nijman