Parts that did not change

Below is a (of course incomplete) list of DS/ID Berline parts that didn't change during the complete production time.

Front suspension/axle  

Part number Description
D 412-83 cap (sheet metal) for lower rear bearing
D 412-4a nut for lower rear bearing
D 422-80b cup for front upper bearing
D 422-95c sealing bush for front bearing
D 437-3 rubber buffer (end stop)
620049 lower rear bearing
620051 roller cage for front bearing
620052 conical cup for front bearing
620115 upper rear bearing
612620 sealing bush for upper rear bearing
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Part number Description
D 435-58(a) front torsion bar bearing clamp
D 435-153(a - g) adjusting shim for front torsion bar bearing
D 443-70 sleeve clamp on threaded vertical connection of front torsion bar
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Rear suspension/axle

Part number Description
D 422-6 nut with grooves, screws on D 422-96
D 422-79 screw that bolts D 422-96 to chassis (3 at each side)
D 422-96 outer part (body) of rear suspension arm bearing
D 426-3 nut on inner side of rear wheel bearing
D 426-15 distance piece between inner and out rear wheel bearing
D 426-99 washer on inner side of rear wheel bearing
D 437-1 rubber buffer (end stop) of rear suspension
620051 inner rear suspension-arm bearing
620053 outer rear suspension-arm bearing
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Part number Description
D 434-63 rubber bush for D 434-81
D 434-67 securing plate for rear suspension cylinder
D 434-81 rubber dust cover for single ball bearing at end of rear suspension piston rod
(the ball in the single ball bearing was changed in Mai '60 from 14.28mm to 15.875 mm)
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D 435-149 rubber sleeve on rear height corrector control rod
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Rear brakes

Part number Description
D 451-21a brake shoe return spring
D 451-91a Oil thrower
D 451-110 backplate screw
A 453-28 bleed screw cap
D 453-118 Circlip (on brake cylinder piston)
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Part number Description
A 225-86 U-shaped copper seal washer
A 225-87 hollow bolt
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Gear change control selector (bvh)

Part number Description
D 314-70 hand clutch control rod (2)
D 314-78 hand control spring (3)
D 334-11 Locking spring (7)
D 334-55 spring correcting play (9)
D 334-65 coupling sleeve (10)
D 334-67 quadrant spindle (11)
D 334-100 positioning catch (12)
D 334-102 shift control rod (13)
D 334-142 spring correcting play (15)
D 334-143 quadrant spring(16)
D 334-167 stop coloar for rod(17)
D 334-196 contact pad (nylon) (19)
D 334-248 spring for reverse gear position (20)
D 522-6 starter switch (21)
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Parking brake

Part number Description
D 454-28 lock spring for parking brake (4)
D 454-63 parking brake pedal pad (7)
D 454-127 ball spring in locking catch (18)
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Part number Description
D 812-73(a) inner part of upper part of A pillar
D 961-75(a) middle part of upper part of A pillar
D 812-90(a) outer part of upper part of A pillar
D 812-88(a) outer part of lower part of A pillar
D 814-88a gusset for pillar
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Part number Description
A 961-53 Rubber grommet
D 852-64(a) Support for trimming
D 852-65 Support for trimming on shelf
D 852-69 Rear stop
D 861-16 Spring for safety catch
D 861-161 Stop for cable sheath

Boot/Trunk door

Part number Description
D 854-4 Chevrons on the trunk/boot lid
D 854-77 clips for chevrons (D 584-4)
D ???-?? Most of the trunk latch parts which are not visible from outside the car are unchanged

Chassis, body, rear bumper, etc.

D 615-7 the mounting rubbers for rear bumper
D 813-9 the rear roof cross member
D 742-97 the trunk/boot floor panel (1956 parts book lists D 742-92, typo ?)
D 812-79(a) closing panel for C pillar (lower part, sort of in front of rear at the side of the chassis)
D 821-55(a) closing panel for C pillar (upper part)
D 821-73(a) connecting panel between rear inner wing and rear of trunk (called "ears" in holland)
D 741-59(a) panel for side member (contains front jacking point)
D 741-59(a) closing panel for D 741-59(a)
D 821-74(a) the rear inner wings