DS sill parts

The drawing above shows the three main parts which together form the sill of a DS/ID. These parts are: DX 743-1, which forms the inner and upper part of the sill, D 743-87 the outer part of the (main) sill and DM 811-2 the outer part the doors close against.

Below are some photos of original replacement parts DX 743-1 and DM 811-2 (the exact part numbers changed over time), part number D 743-87 was not available at this booth at the ICCCR in Interlaken.
Fig. 1 The left and right inner sills parts DX 743-1 and part DM 811-2 which is laying the wrong way around (what you see in the front of the picture is the rear end of the part and vice versa). Note the welded-on L-shaped reinforcement panel on DX 743-1. The larger round hole surrounded by two smaller holes (at the end of the L-shaped reinforcement panel) is were the plastic "knob" that holds the rear seat cushion in place is pushed in.
Fig. 2 Here the right sill part is turned around (with permission of the seller!) and now shows the side of the part that faces outside on the car.
Fig. 3 The middle reinforcement (seen from the rear), slightly damaged (bended) Fig. 4 The area just in front of the middle reinforcement. The oval shaped hole is where the heater tube ends in the rear footwell. The small round hole takes the jacking point pin, note the triangular reinforcement plate around the hole.
Fig. 5 Front reinforcement, a bit more damaged (bended). The oval shaped whole is where the heater tube (to rear footwell) enters the sill (in a complete car this is close to the height lever) Fig. 6 Front reinforcement in more detail, the front consists of multiple panels welded together (the thin dark lines mark the ends of the separate panels)
Fig. 7 The mid section of parts DX 743-1 and DM 811-2 in detail. The threaded hole in DX 743-1 above the upside down "2" is the outer mounting point for the safety belt. The mirrored D-shaped hole in DM 811-2 is where the spring loaded latch of the rear door passes the outer (upper) part of the sill.