DS with manual steel sliding roof

This originally dutch 1974 DSuper5 is equipped with a manually operated steel sunroof. The roof of the car is in aluminium, the sunroof is steel.
In the photos you can see an aerofoil that springs up at the front of the aperture when the roof is opened. This is made of plastic, which has been sprayed to the body colour of the car. The tracks seem to be made of aluminium and the recess that the whole mechanism sits in seems to be steel. The sunroof is lined with the same material as the head-lining of the car.
To open the roof one simply pulls on the plastic handle inside, which unlatches a locking mechanism. Closing is the reverse action. Drainage of the roof slides is by tubes which run down the back roof supports and issue under the rear wings.

Photos by the owner of this car, Andrew English, UK.