DS with Wallner (AEAT) roof

In the 1957 the french company AEAT introduced a (full width, full length) cloth roof for the DS/ID that could be rolled back completely. When rolled back the roof could be stored in a metal box situated at the end of the roof. The front of the cloth roof is held by a folding frame construction. Folding this frame backwards releases the tension from the cloth roof and allows it to be taken of the frame and rolled back. To maintain the typical DS roof shape the cloth roof is supported by two removable bars.

In 1990 Jochen Wallner (Germany) build a small series of an improved version of this roof. After a few trials he got away with metal box at the rear roof because that limited the space for the heads of the rear passengers.

Unfortuneatly this roof is not available anymore. 

Photos by the owner of this car, Uwe Schlagenhaft, Germany.