ID19 Pickup

This pickup, owned by Gary Hermsen (NZ), was converted from a 1966 berline ID19 in 1984 by Terry Falkner of Masterton, New Zealand, a then official CitroŽn dealer. 

He used the rear panels of an English Safari, as you can tell by the Lucas tail lights. The roof is a shortened steel one, also of a Safari wagon, as is the (shortened) roofrack. The whole backsection is reinforced by steel plates and angle iron to stiffen the chassis for carrying heavier loads. 

All the '66 running gear was replaced by that of a 1974 DSuper, inclusive the suspension system (LHM). 

The bonnet handle, some CitroŽn accessory, came from Garage Herman Jansen in Bennekom, Holland, and seems a very rare item.  
When Gary bought his pickup two years ago it was not a legal conversion. Since the car is used in Gary's furniture making business it was "legalized" last year (2001). The Vehicle Inspector was so impressed that he certified the vehicle instantly. 
Gary can be contacted, using e-mail: .

Photos by Gary Hermsen (New Zealand), text originally from Gary edited by Jint.

Last updated on : 21.03.2005, by Jint Nijman