CitroŽn C-Airlounge

First details have been announced of CitroŽnís latest concept car, the aerodynamic and innovative C-Airlounge, which will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show september 2003. The svelte new concept illustrates a seriously fresh approach to stylish grand touring, whilst also featuring revolutionary, mood changing, interior lighting.

The dynamic shape and careful attention to airflow, gives the C-Airlounge concept a drag coefficient of just 0.26 Ė thatís less than some low slung supercars Ė proving that space and practicality neednít be sacrificed for style and aerodynamics.

But the C-Airlounge isnít just about sleek good looks and impressive aerodynamics, underneath the curvaceous body is a dramatic, but also rather intelligent, approach to interior design. Making the most of the generous space is an ingenious modular seating system that can accommodate either four or five occupants.

And on top of the spacious and practical cabin, the C-Airlounge introduces a radical new take on humble or, dare it be said, dull interior lighting systems. In C-Airlounge passengers can select the mood of lighting thanks to fibre-optics and video projectors within the carpets and armrests.

Details will be announced at the Frankfurt Motor show in September 2003.

Information and picture from the www.carspyshots.tk web-site.

Last updated on : 12.08.2003, by Jint Nijman