Welcome to my web-site !  

This site mainly contains technical and historical information on the CitroŽn DS/ID and the CitroŽn XM, but there is also a section dedicated to future (and current) CitroŽn models as well some information on the Xanae, C6 Lignage and C3 Lumiere concept cars.

This site is more or less continuously worked on, therefore you'll find a few links that lead to the same Sorry, this page is still under construction page, but I think (hope) that there are also quite a number of pages that will prove to be interesting.

Major new extensions to this site can be found on the what's new page.

The navigation of this site is now completely realized in JavaScript, I've also included three JavaScript "calculators" and there is an interactive animation that uses Java.
For frames disabled browser and/or users there is also a non-frames version of this site.

Please tell me what you think of it !

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