C3 Lumière concept car

The C3 Lumière concept car was first shown on the "Mondial de l'automobile" in Paris, october 1998.

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C3_Concept_Left_Front_s.jpg (4000 bytes) C3_Concept_Left_Top_s.jpg (3673 bytes) C3_Concept_Right_Front_s.jpg (4037 bytes)
C3_Concept_Left_Rear_s.jpg (3887 bytes) C3_Concept_Right_Top_s.jpg (3883 bytes) C3_Concept_Right_Rear_s.jpg (4855 bytes)
C3_Concept_Right_s.jpg (3623 bytes) C3_Concept_Right_Open_s.jpg (4350 bytes) C3_Concept_Rear_People_s.jpg (4971 bytes)
C3_Concept_Rear_Open_s.jpg (4079 bytes) C3_Concept_Dash_s.jpg (3942 bytes) C3_Concept_Controls_s.jpg (3371 bytes)
C3_Concept_Right_Interior_s.jpg (5369 bytes) C3_Concept_Doorpanel_s.jpg (3497 bytes) C3_Concept_Left_Interior_s.jpg (5383 bytes)
ConceptCar1.jpg (3318 bytes)

C3_Concept_Rear_Top_s.jpg (4028 bytes)

ConceptCar2.jpg (3358 bytes)
C3_Concept_Drawing2_s.jpg (4773 bytes) C3_Concept_Drawing3_s.jpg (4350 bytes) C3_Concept_Drawing1_s.jpg (3723 bytes)

All of the above pictures are taken from the CD "Citroën, aujourd'hui, demain, apres-demain" that was published for the "Mondial de l'automobile" in Paris, october 1998
from the CD "C3, C6, Xsara Picasso" that was published for the IAA in Frankfurt, september 1999

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