DS chassis construction

The middle section of the chassis

Click here to see what the main parts which form the sill look like when the are new (and laying on a table)

Cross section of the sill of a DS/ID

The drawing above (courtesy of Tony Jackson) shows the cross section of the left sill at the position of the front footwell. The dashed oval indicates the position where a lot of DS/ID's are rusted, see the photo below. The reinforcing panel (also see the red line + text in the drawing below) is not found on early D-model cars.

Drawing of the DS floor seen from below (under the car)

This is how lot's of (unrestored) DS/ID look like after removing the reinforcement panel (see above) and the undercoating. The photo was made by Tony Jackson while working on his own DS.

DS floor panel

The above panels are available from Dirk Sassen, Düsseldorf, Germany (www.ds-sassen.de)

Floor panel of my 1958 ID19

A 1963 (model year) ID19 seen from below and above

The photo below (from the magazine Twen issue 5, 1963), reveals some interesting details of the bottom of a second front DS/ID.
One can clearly seen the reinforcing strips on the sill boxes (see above). This photo also shows the almost completely flat bottom of the DS/ID.