Special D's and derivatives

DS Pallas Diesel

CitroŽn never build a DS/ID with a diesel engine, but some owners equipped their cars with the diesel engine of the C35 van, which is based on the DS/ID engine block and which has the same direction of rotation as the DS/ID engine.

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ID19 Reutter 4-door cabriolet

In 1960 the German coach builder Reutter (now Recaro) build a few prototypes of a 4-door cabriolet based on the CitroŽn DS/ID. At least one of these car has survived, here are some photos of this car.

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DS streched limousine

A 1972 DS21 transformed into "strech-limo" by a US enthousiast.

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ID pickup

A 1966 ID19 transformed into a ute (down-under slang for pickup) by a CitroŽn dealer in New Zealand.

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DS with door window frames

A 1974 DS23 BVH with electric windows and chromed window frames.

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DS convertible

A DS that can be converted from a normal looking DS Berline to a 4-door Cabriolet, very nicely done but nothing for originality fans ...

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Baja DS

A buggy build for and raced in the famous Baja rally on the Mexican peninsula. It has DS front and rear suspension, a DS engine and  front wheel drive.

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4WD with DS suspension

This is obviously a Land Rover, but it uses DS/SM front suspension units for both the front and rear suspension. It is also equipped with DS/SM front brakes + drive-shafts on the front and rear axle and a SM Diravi steering unit.

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Milles Pattes

Michelin's famous high-speed truck tyre test vehicle.

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