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This new concept car is CitroŽn's contribution to research into a new generation of user-friendly vehicles. The fiveseater Xanae offers a combination of:
- overall comfort and high-level safety in a compact body;
- an original, eye-catching style that embodies a new approach to automotive design, half-way between the conventional saloon car and the peoplecarrier;
The Xanae offers a whole new concept of driving enjoyment and passenger comfort. A variety of features combine to give the car its strong personality: original styling, state-of-the-art running gear, compact dimensions, a spacious and modular cabin, and a choice of eye-catching colours. With this new concept, CitroŽn is demonstrating a grass-roots approach - ever-attentive to the needs of its customers - while exploring new areas of the automotive universe. In short, we have demonstrated our capacity to create concepts that combine innovation with driving pleasure.

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Just the right size
In terms of dimensions, the Xanea belongs to the compact segment of the market. But by virtue of its height and cabin size, it is extremely roomy relative to its length and sufficiently wide to accommodate three rear passengers comfortably. In other words, CitroŽn has designed the user-friendly car par excellence. With an overall length of 4.23m, the Xanea is midway between the ZX and the Xantia while in terms of height (1.55m), it is between the Xantia and the Evasion. The Xanea is 1.80m wide.
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