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harmonious and
user-friendly styling

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The Xanae has been designed to offer the largest possible glass area inorder to enhance driving pleasure.

The dominant theme of the Xanae's styling is "a house on wheels". Its compact design and unusual volumes are emphasized by original contours that blend to produce an innovative silhouette. A special pearlescent paint has been developed to show off the harmony of shape and to underscore different details of the styling. The interior concept is in keeping with the external design thanks to two nearside doors that open face-to-face with no intervening pillar, thus making access extremely easy.
The front section contains the originally shaped headlamp units equipped with discharge bulbs and optical fibre connections. The front wings angle inwards to the centre of the vehicle to form a harmonious, rounded shape that gives the car an impression of robustness - and a strong personality. The front section of the bonnet has a distinctive contour, which has been underlined by locating the hinge points on the front pillars.
Seen in profile, thee striking feature of the Xanae is its steeply raked front section. With bonnet and windscreen forming an uninterrupted line. Light floods into the interior via the large windscreen and a partially glazed roof, creating a warm, airy atmosphere in the cabin. The lines of the roof extend the lateral sweep of the windscreen to form an arc. The rear section is short and compact with robust C-pillars incorporating diode lamps.
The sides of the vehicle are rounded, giving the reassuring feeling that the Xanae is well protected against side impact. Furthermore the flat, raised closed-section floor provides additional protection.
To highlight the practical nature of the Xanae, and to allow easy access for the passengers, the right-hand side is fitted with two doors that open out to face one another. This original configuration - two doors on the right and one on the left - gives a whole new meaning to the notion of user-friendliness and is consistent with the concept of the car's interior.
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