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CitroŽn creates a new
concept - the "house on wheels" - in response to changing customer demand
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A host of trends are shaping todays motor industry, producing cars that are roomy yet compact and that offer sure-footed roadholding, improved man-machine interfaces, greater safety and a level of overall comfort that goes far beyond the notion of snug seating. Faithful to our long tradition of creativity and imaginative flair, we have sought to respond to the new demands being expressed by our customers. With the Xanae concept, CitroŽn has anticipated the car of the future, which will be something like the "spare room of the home" described by the sociologist Paul Virilio. Conceived by CitroŽn's Creative Design Centre, die Xanae successfullly combines a number of new developments in the spheres of styling, roadholding, ergonomics, driveability, interior space, overall safety and versatility.

The Xanae is indeed a conceptual vehicle: it brings together in perfect harmony the specific features of several different types of car: midrange and luxury saloons, estate cars and people-carriers.
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