C6 Lignage Concept Car

The C6 Lignage is CitroŽn’s latest concept car. It was first exhibited at the Geneva Salon in March of 1999 and later on the IAA in Frankfurt (September 1999). Below are some official CitroŽn photo's of the C6. The photo's are published on the CD that was part of the press-information that was handed out on the international car show (IAA) in Frankfurt (september 1999). The orginal size of the photo's is 2593x1890 pixels, so if someone wants some nice pictures of the C6 ...

A very nice article on the C6 was published in the ?? issue of the Car and Design magazine. This article contains some nice photo's (all of which can also be found on the above mentioned CD), a few great design-study drawings (of the early phase of the C6 project) and an (sort of) interview with Mr. Arthur Blakeslee, the director of the CitroŽn's Centre de Creation which gives some insight in the ideas behind the C6.
I have scanned (courtesy of Adam Reif) and transformed this article to HTML. I've tried to copy the layout of the original article as good as possible.



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More information on and photo's of the C6 can be found on the Citroen C6 page on Julian Marsh's excelent web-site.
C6_CitCD_5.jpg (22708 bytes)
C6_CitCD_7.jpg (23675 bytes)
C6_CitCD_8.jpg (16723 bytes)
C6_CitCD_9.jpg (16412 bytes)

C6-BildZeit.jpg (19207 bytes)

Picture scanned from AutoBild issue 10, from March 12, 1999.

Note the extremely concave rear window !

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