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CitroŽn C6 Lignage


C6-photo-1.jpg (89392 bytes) Arthur Blakeslee
(below) Director of CitroŽn's Centre de Creation for about a decade. He and his team enthusiastically grasped the opportunity offered by PSA Group management to come up at speed with a concept car that previewed a future CitroŽn range-topping saloon.
C6-photo-2.jpg (83664 bytes) Judging the maturity of the CitroŽn C6 Lignage concept car at the last Geneva Motor Show, one could have thought it was the fruit of a long and well researched design process. But it had only taken five months to materialise from the first idea. The initiative had been taken by PSA's and CitroŽn's management who were worried about press reports suggesting that CitroŽn might pull out of the large car market. Behind the scenes, CitroŽn had already started a large-car programme but it would be some years before any hardware could be shown to the public. So Claude Satinet, managing director of Automobiles CitroŽn, and Jean-Marie Folz, CEO of PSA asked Art Biakeslee, the head of the 'Centre de Creation' of CitroŽn, if he could do a concept car for the 1999 Geneva Show, to make it clear to press and public that CitroŽn fully intended to stay in the high end of the market. But that was October 1998, so Blakeslee had only five months to design and build such a car. However, he immediately replied to the management, saying that 'if you want it, you get it'. only a few minutes later, when Satinet and Folz left the meeting room, Blakeslee.jpg (31282 bytes)

Elegance and superlative ride comfort were the watchwords for the designers of the C6 Lignage a saloon very much in the CitroŽn Tradition. This strictly hatchback model eliminates the centre pillar in favour of twinflap doors. The front blades in the form of a double chevron respond electronically to the speed of the car

they gave the green light with the simple words: 'Then do it!' Blakeslee explained that the C6 project had two faces, and one of them for sure was about the production of a functional concept car in record time. But it could also be proof of PSA and CitroŽn management's future commitment as well. I have been waiting for such an opportunity for seven years,' says Blakeslee, who has managed CitroŽn's design efforts for a decade. 'And this opportunity has given us new insight into the design team's capabilities as well'. in particular, the fact that the management left Blakeslee and his team

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