Project Y5

Below I've collected some pictures (drawings) of the XM's successor, Project Y-5 (or X-5 in some magazines), as presented by French and German car magazines. The pictures from early 1996 look like a "rounded" XM with some Xantia (rear part) and Xsara (fold in bonnet/hood) styling elements. The pictures from AutoPlus from december 1996 are quite different, on the rear view (see link below) rear direction-lights a la DS are recognizeable. The newest picture from AMS (Germany) looks quite different again.
I'm really looking forward to the first real spy-photo's !

Auto Plus (?), January 1996 (?)
Auto Journal, February 1996
Artists impression of the XM's successor expected for 1999.
Auto Plus, December 1996
For a translation of the article and bigger pictures of this car click here.
Auto Motor Sport, August 1997
This is the most recent drawing (artists impression) of the XM's successor. According to AMS this new Citroën will be introduced in 2000 one year after the new Peugeot 706. It will be styled like a classical limousine with a real trunk.
Geneva Car Show, March 1999
The C6 Lignage concept car was developed and displayed on the Geneva Salon to make clear that Citroën is seriously planning not to leave the luxury car segment.

The real XM succesor will probably not look like the C6, since the Y5 design project was started before the C6 was designed.

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